our challenge to you

Be someone others
want to follow!

Who you are is as important as what you do

7 Steps to

Be More You

Our proven 7 stage UQ model develops your confidence to lead from the core of who you are.

The most effective leaders and employees possess a healthy dose of self-awareness – UQ. Intelligence about yourself is the starting point of success and helps leaders to better understand others, leading to better conversations and relationships. 

No matter what stage you are on in your career or leadership journey our model helps you deepen your confidence and expand your impact.

1.  Have C.O.R.E. Confidence
2. Face your Fears
3. Play to your Preferences
4. Know the Facts
5. Give Good Vibes
6. Be Brave
7. Speak Volumes

Let the journey

Successful, self aware leaders consistently does 7 things well. Our Be More You course and UQ Leaders experiences explore the following 7 areas to equip and empower you to develop deep rooted confidence to be your unique self and someone others want to follow.


We help you build deep rooted confidence to be you!

What makes you unique?

Where do you want to grow in confidence?


We reveal how thoughts and feelings impact our choices and actions.

What fears do you have?

How do they show up?

How will you overcome them?


We unpack your preferences which will help you be as effective as possible.

Where do you need to play to your preferences more?

How easily can you adapt?


We reveal how facts aren’t always fact when it comes to leading!

How do your feelings affect your thoughts?

How do you choices affect your actions?


We explore the subconscious patterns that can get in the way of you excelling.

What don’t you easily like to admit?

What mind talk often undermines your peak performance?


We encourage you to be bold and believe in yourself.

What is important to you?

What limiting beliefs are hindering your progress?

How much do you value what you have to offer?


We support you to communicate confidently from the head and the heart.

How could you communicate more powerfully?

Where could listening help you communicate better?

We help you

gain confidence to be yourself and lead well

leading by example

Meet Louise

Working towards a more
confident and comfortable you.

The best leader you can be is you! I am passionate about working with people like you who grasp that who you are is as important as what you do. Our programmes provide the time and space for you to develop personally and professionally.

I believe that knowing who you are and developing great character, having confidence to be more of it alongside being able to communicate clearly and connect genuinely with others will see you through every challenge you may face. 

Louise Thom PCC MCIPD | Executive Leadership Coach


"It has given me a sense of belief and trust in myself not only as a leader but also in who I am and who I want to be."

UQ Leaders Delegate


Explore our signature course

Our signature course turns leadership development on its head. Instead of teaching you only leadership skills we take you on a journey to explore who you are, how to be more of it and ultimately develop a level of self-awareness and core confidence that leads others to want to follow you. This self-led virtual course allows you to explore the seven areas of the UQ model at your own pace. 

Living and leading from a deep rooted understanding and belief in who you uniquely are is the cornerstone to success in life and work. 


Explore our group coaching programmes

We help technical and professional experts become brilliant people leaders. Whether an emerging or established leader our group coaching programmes give you the confidence to lead comfortably from the core of who you are. We help you see what a great leader you are and can be so you can make an impact where it matters. This isn’t a course about what you need to do to be a great leader, this is a journey about who you need to be!

A transformational personal
leadership journey

A nine month programme combining exploring the seven layers of the UQ model and Leadership S.T.O.R.Y modules delivered through effective group coaching sessions that create a safe and supportive environment for impactful peer learning and developing your leadership network.

Add an extra dimension with
1-2-1 Coaching Support

The UQ Leaders Plus Experience follows the same path as the standard UQ Leaders programme whilst also providing you with three add on 1-2-1 coaching sessions to deepen your learning and development on a personal level.


Watch and Learn



Who are you at your C.O.R.E?

Explore this in our free bitesize course. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself in no more than an hour. An investment in yourself that we know is powerful and important. It’s why we have created the content for free!



Understand the world you lead in

A few free uQ nuggets to transform your thinking and your working day from our S.T.O.R.Y model which forms part of the extra teaching included in the uQ Leaders programmes.

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