How to... have conversations about accuracy

Understanding Accuracy

Accuracy is the state of being correct or precise. Getting things right is crucial in most business, whether service or product. It ensures a consistent and quality product is delivered to the client / customer. 

Things to consider

Useful Questions

Behind every issue there is always a story. There will be a reason behind the inaccuracy. Is it a miscalculation or is it down to a human factor?

As human beings we have limiting factors. That could be our understanding, our focus, our environment. We need to consider all these elements when presented with accuracy issues

Are there alternative methods available that could eliminate elements of human error?

Accuracy problems can slow things down when work has to be redone. How can productivity be increased by increasing accuracy?

Our environment can impact our work. If we are too hot or cold, face too many interuptions, work in a noisy environment we may lack concentration and focus which can affect accurate work. 

Videos on Accuracy

Useful Reading & Resources on Accuracy