How to... have conversations about autonomy

Understanding Autonomy

Autonomy in the workplace is how much freedom employees have while working and learning. Embracing autonomy in the workplace leads to positive effects on wellbeing and job satisfaction. Increased autonomy at work is known to increase motivation levels, creativity and happiness

Things to consider

Useful Questions

There are many factors that can negatively impact autonomy

There are many benefits to allowing people to have autonomy. When they have it they take responsibility and ownership for their actions and make things happen with a level of freedom

People may have different needs and ideas about autonomy. In order to find a good working practice where autonomy is appreciated it is important to identify what works for different people

Autonomy doesn’t just happen. Clear permission should be given along with expectations. Ask what resources are required and ensure people have what they need to get on with the job

As a manager it can be hard to take a step back, especially if you feel a sense of responsibility. Ask the individual where they see you could take a step back as well as offering your own suggestions. Then stick to it!

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