Have the confidence to live
and lead from this place

About the Experience

This is more than a course or a programme, it is a personal learning journey designed to...

...not because of your role but because of who you are.

We help you get intelligent about yourself (your uQ) and show you how 'Being More You' is the most powerful step you can take in developing your effectiveness as a great leader.

What can I expect from the course?

• Confidence in my capability of being a great leader

• Comfortable being me (and not feeling like I have to be someone else or’ conform to one particular style of leadership)

• Insights that help me make an impact in the important stuff

• Realisation I have all it takes to be a great leader and i can learn skills to help me along the way

• Success as much with people as I’ve enjoyed from my technical and professional expertise

• Be unphased by frustrating behaviours, tricky situations and difficult conversations

• Energy to lead authentically and reduced stress, frustration or overwhelm from thinking I have to lead a certain way

• Clarity of my purpose as a leader and how I can contribute to success for myself and others

Working with great clients since 2007

The Journey

The uQ Leaders journey is split into 2 main parts

Part 1

We will meet as a group of 12 for 7 group coaching sessions to learn from each other and share our reflections and realisations from each of the 'Be More You' modules that you will complete before each group coaching session

By the end of these immersive experiences you will be able to

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What's included?

What will I learn?

You will earn how to Be More You and the difference it will make for you and others in your life.

This reflective experience will equip you with the confidence to Be More You.

This is an explorative journey designed to give you life impacting realisations about who you are at your core and the confidence to live, love and lead from that place. This isn’t a how to programme. This is a who are you programme. Be more of who you already are rather than feeling you need to be someone else.

By the end of this
experience you will be able

Our framework

for success

Guided, on demand learning

Bitesize chunks of learning split into 7 modules, taught by uQ’s creator Louise Thom

Made available over 7 weeks to help pace your experience but available for a lifetime

Insights Made Simple – the latest human potential psychology, useful models, latest research alongside ancient wisdom still relevant today presented in simplified, easy to understand and applicable ways

Individual Retreat & Reflection


Journals full of useful
questions to guide you in your
growth provided for each module

Book space in your diary
for you

Encouraged to find time each month to take some time and space to think, relax or reflect. It’s a really important thing for leaders to do!

Expand your

Delve deeper if you wish with access to further materials on each topic through the uQ library

Instant application

Start noticing new things as you go and applying your learning straight away

Complex concepts made simple so you can apply them straight away

Handy tools to dip into again and again

What you learn about yourself also applies to others, working on yourself helps you understand and get the best from others too

No leadership programme can provide for every eventuality, but what we teach gives you the knowledge and understanding you need to deal with any situation

Capable of great impact, in your personal life as well as your professional one!

Course Content

Starting at the very beginning you will explore what makes you unique. You will explore how your commitments, background, patterns and energy paint a picture of what makes you you.

Next up you will dive right into something rarely talked about in organisations – your fears! Explore the route of some of some of your behaviours and turn it into good.

Exploring not just your personality preferences you will go deeper into understanding where a variety of preferences lie so you can harness this power to work effectively and efficiently, as well as know where and when to adapt.

In this module you will explore how your thoughts and feelings impact your choices and actions. You will explore how these work together and how you can take control of your thoughts and feelings towards better outcomes.

Unpack some of the less conscious parts of yourself that often run the show without you realising. Once unpacked they won’t be able harness the same negative impact over you and you will be free to be congruent and someone others want to follow.

Explore not only your beliefs and values, but also understand the value you bring so you can lead believing in who you are.

Finally you will identify what drives you and what gets in the way of communicating impactfully. You will learn how to get your message across and align your leadership to meaningful and purposeful work

What others say

Who Am I at my C.O.R.E?

How It Works

Sent 7 modules over 7 weeks

Diarise when you will do the modules

7 weeks, 14 weeks, 7 months – you choose

Watch module video

Complete reflection questions

Identify what you are taking from this module

Next module x6

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