How to... have conversations about behaviours

Understanding Behaviours

Behaviour is an action or choice made by individuals in particular environments. Behaviours can be impacted by other people and things in the environment. Positive behaviours in the workplace can bring increased productivity, engagement and motivation. 

Things to consider

Useful Questions

There is a tendency to overlook behaviours as strengths. However they play a crucial role in performance. Asking this questions forces someone to identify at least one key behaviour they exhibit and how that impacts success

Failure is the biggest test of our character. Our behaviours are tested when our character is tested. Identifying how we behaved, whether positively or negatively, to a past experience can teach us useful lessons for current situations

Changing our behaviours, even slightly, depending on the person or situation can mean we get better results

What we notice in others can tell us more about ourselves. If something annoys you in someone else, look and reflect on whether this is something you do but you didn’t realise. What does it tell you? How can you improve that behaviour?

Videos on Behaviours

Useful Reading & Resources on Behaviours