How to... have conversations about career expectations

Understanding Career Expectations

Career expectations should be ambitious and realistic. Perhaps the most useful approach is to take realistic steps towards an ambitious target. We should be doing work that best use’s our abilities and gives us a sense of accomplishment at the same time as pushing ourselves to achieve.

Things to consider

Useful Questions

Simply asking what the expectations are can be a great starting point to understand what someone wants. So many things can be explored from this starting point

Taking responsibility for something is the first step in achieving it, or overcoming an issue

Helping someone see where there expectations align with the organisation can often help move reality towards expectation quicker. Where there may be misalignment, a supportive manager can help find the right win win for the organisation, potential opportunities and also offer support where career expectations are outside of what the company can offer

Helping the individual identify the supporting development opportunities that align with their expectations can be useful in taking the first step towards them

Videos on Career Expectations

Useful Reading & Resources on Career Expectations