How to... have conversations about managing your career

Understanding Career Management

A career is not something that just happens It takes thinking, planning and acting. Managing your career is a lifetime’s work where your awareness of your own skills, passions and experience combined with awareness of the opportunities in your organisation and industry help you to identify and pursue a career that is fulfilling. 

Things to consider

Useful Questions

Having a vision for where we think we want to head can be useful. If the long term seems too difficult or uncertain, break this question down into smaller timescales

We spend a lot of time working, so its best if we can work on things we find interesting

Every job has elements we like doing less. Sometimes reflecting on this can help see where you want to move forward into by doing less (not none!) of those things

Challenge is an important motivation in our working lives. Too much challenge can demotivate us; too little challenge can be demotivating? Try and get the right balance

What environments, what task, with whom…

We each have skills, talents and experiences that make us stand out. Consider what these are for you and play to those strengths

Passion is often linked to a sense of purpose. When we have a sense of purpose our work becomes more meaningful. Exploring what this is can help find ways forward

Without these things you career will merely have all been down to luck. Although being in the right place at the right time sometimes plays a part in the process it really is down to the energy, effort and time you choose to invest in progressing your career

Taking the next step can be the most effective action 

Sometimes it is easy to get fixated on one particular career goal. However, there are many routes to career development. Advancement up the ladder is only one. Alternatives include lateral moves across into another area, mastering your current role and taking a specialist route. Or taking what might appear as a backward step to allow advancement in another area

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