How to... have conversations about change

Understanding Change

The main thing about change is that it is constant. Change within an organisation can lead to many positive things when managed in the right way. People sometimes struggle with change and we should explore how best we help others deal with change and how we can have a positive impact on change by managing it well. 

Things to consider

Useful Questions

We don’t always like the thought of change, but not changing can have consequences

Change can impact many people and it is worth considering who and how the change will impact

It is often the unknown that makes us fear change. By considering how this change might impact me it gives the individual back an element of control

Taking time to consider the positive elements can be helpful when supporting someone to work through a changing situation or environment

Understanding the reason change is required is often the most overlooked element of managing change

Backing u thoughts about a potential case with clear business information will make decision making easier and provide clarity

In order for change to happen, often a sense of urgency is required

It helps to be able to see the element so change breakdown down into steps or a road map to help people understand and visualise what needs to happen

Different methods of communication are required to reach different people. People also need to hear a message more than once. And remember, communication is about listening as well as sharing your own message

It is important to ensure there is understanding so that people can be bought in

Identify what is currently or could potentially get in the way

Change is often required to align with changing situations and environments. Helping someone identify this and where it needs to happen can get them onboard with change

Any change requires a vision

People like to be able to see something and when change is afoot focussing on the successful outcome is really important to help keep people focussed and onboard

Taking the first step is often the hardest in change

Videos on Change

Useful Reading & Resources on Change