How to... have conversations about confidence

Understanding Confidence

According to PsychologyToday confidence is a belief in oneself, the conviction that one has the ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed – and the willingness to act accordingly. Being confident requires a realistic sense of one’s capabilities and feeling secure in that knowledge.

Things to consider

Useful Questions

Identify key people in your family, workplace or public figures. Write down the qualities you admire about this person

Often we don’t recognise our strengths or bury our weaknesses. Both hinder growing in healthy confidence

This is a good question to ask regularly, as a check in either for yourself or someone else around you. What might be behind this? How is this impacting others around you / them?

It is also worth relfecting on how you felt then too. What could you take from then into now?

Be aware of the next time you just go to shrug off a compliment from someone. Instead, simply say thank you. 

Sometime we take our own skills for granted. Write a list of those that come to mind. 

Often failures in the moment turns out to be a stepping stone to something else. Post It notes wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for turning a repeated failure to make super glue into something else. 

Find out what works for the person and see where you could apply this in your relationship

We often don’t believe we can, but when we look at what we would do if we did we can use those insights to take the first step in the here & now

Helping someone focus on these will either help them realise what they offer; or help you both see that perhapps the current situation is not playing to their strengths

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by too many things in front of us and we loose confidence to take just the next step

We tend to believe things about ourselves that aren’t true and they limit what we can do. Exploring yours can help you reframe your beliefs. If you were to let go of a certain belief, what could be possible?

Often we hinder ourselves because of a perceived lack of confidence. If we give ourselves permission to be ourselves our core confidence grows

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