How to... have conversations about consultancy skills

Understanding Consultancy Skills

Consultancy skills are critical to business success. They form key meta skills that combine with technical sills and knowledge to deliver great work for clients. Consultancy skills include working as a team, great interpersonal and communication skills, creativity, innovation, analytical thinking and flexibility along with being able to cope with the pressures and challenges with come with consulting. 

Things to consider

Useful Questions

In a world where there are a lot of decisions to be made asking this question can help zone into what is most important

In any situation or problem to be solved there will be a number of factors at play. This simple question can be a useful starting point for both you and the client

Another simple but often overlooked question. This can either help us see something that worked and we have forgotten about that could help in this situation, or could save unnecessarily wasting time

Often the person has an idea of the potential answer already, they may just need your help to unpack it further

Many people have an intuition or an understanding because of the knowledge and experience they have yet don’t talk about it. Asking this question can bring out this simple fact

Videos on Consultancy Skills

Useful Reading & Resources on Consultancy Skills