Sarah Lynn, one of the winners of 2017’s Apprentice is a classic example of a Type 5 personality.

I look forward to The Apprentice every year! There is so much brilliant material for UQ Coaching in every episode. My husband laughs at me! And now with my new iPad Pro I can now capture some of the best bits to share with you!

At the outset of the final, Sarah can be heard saying ‘Failure is not an option’ as she walks down the stairs of the Apprentice home about to leave for her last task.

Many of you who have been through the bodyGEOMTRICS training will have heard us use this phrase to capture the essence of a Type 5 personality. And this just proves we’re not making it up! We didn’t pay her to say it, it’s just her natural character driving her to win, so typical of a the Type 5 traits we have come to know and love.

She’s right. For #bgtype5 failure is definitely not an option! To fail is the same as to be rejected. She had a goal right from the outset and nothing was going to remove her focus from it – she was going to win The Apprentice.

How can you help your #bgtype5 customer WIN? Keep focussed on their prize and ensure they have everything they need to succeed?