How to... have conversations about flexible & virtual working

Understanding Flexible & Virtual Working

Flexible working allows employees to alter working hours, either by reducing hours or adapting when the hours are worked. It can also include where the hours are worked. As the world becomes more digital the ability to work virtually is increasing. We are operating in a changing work environment. 

Things to consider

Useful Questions

In order to manage expectations on all sides, this should be considered. A temporary solution may be required because of a specific situation, or trialling something may help make a decision about what is best in the long term

Allowing individuals to take responsibility for their own working environments and commitments can boost productivity

Look at the situation from both sides of the coin and different perspectives to give the solution the best chance

IT is a key consideration for flexible and virtual working? How can this best be supported. How do you ensure there is a healthy and safe set up physically?

Videos on Flexible & Virtual Working

Useful Reading & Resources on Flexible & Virtual Working