[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Thats easy you might say. Chop them down, package them up, market and sell!

I’ms sure our Christmas tree growers would be a little upset to think it’s that easy!! But as we enter the start of the festive season, the tree is one of the quintessential elements of Christmas. It certainly is in this house.

Picture this……….its the first Sunday of advent. You get your woolies on and all pile into the car for a frosty journey out to the forest where your local tree supplier is based. You jump out of the car with great anticipation of the ‘perfect’ tree. How does your experience go?

There are too many people – help get me out of here! What do you mean you can’t tell me the exact dimensions for when I get this thing home! I’ll just have to risk it – pick a small tree and lets get out of here pronto

Oh my, there is a whole forest to choose from……how am I ever going to decide?!!

Right, I’m off… (saw in hand, marching in Ernest through the crowds). Where is the tallest, most beautiful tree in the forest. It’s mine

Such a lovely warm welcome from the proprietor. I’m touched he remembered me from last year. And a mug of hot chocolate…..what a lovely way to spend the afternoon with the family

OK, lets get this done. Medium tree, pre packaged, in the car, home again in under an hour. Success!

Which one of the above do you connect with?

If you are a tree seller reading this, make sure you provide a service which captures the hearts of each of the customer types who will be walking through your door this month:

  • Provide useful details of the tree sizes and types. Make sure customers get time and space to choose theirs
  • Whittle it down for the customer to decide between a couple of choices, be on hand to provide a helping hand
  • Highlight the biggest and best trees you have
  • Remember return customers and supply a surprise festive beverage
  • Make your parking, pricing and processes efficient
  • Account for all these things in selling your trees and you will have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year