How to... have conversations about appropriate development

Understanding Different Development Types

Development can take many forms. Traditionally development was thought of as merely formal training. Development can fall into one of three main categories – development through experience of learning hands on, exposure to new learning as well as more traditional training routes. Coaching, mentoring and feedback all play crucial development roles. 

Things to consider

Useful Questions

There is never just one way to get experience. Try and explore all possible options before coming to a conclusion to ensure the right method is chosen 

Understanding the goal or current role requirement the development meets can increase acceptance of requests

Development is not just about meeting current needs but also looking ahead to be ready for future requirements so you can hit the ground running

If we do not put learning into practice in the short time after the learning takes place it will be lost. Seek out opportunities to put the learning into practice as quickly and as often as possible

Videos on Identifying the Right Development

Useful Reading & Resources on Identifying the Right Development