Supporting managers to take a coaching approach to conversations

Introducing you to the tool

Our conversation preparation tool has been designed to help you as a manager prepare to have key conversations. We know that managing people wasn’t necessarily your goal in life and as a technical expert or professional dealing with the people element of your role is not the thing that perhaps comes most naturally. We also know you want to do a good job and be a great manager, yet don’t always want to be relying on others for help in the people arena. 

As a manager, the most effective tool you have at your disposal is a conversation. Someone wise once said that a problem only exists in the absence of a conversation, and we think they were right. We have pulled all the knowledge and experience of having good conversations and the common topics being discussed so you can tap into it just when you need to.

Just answer a few questions based on your current situation and the conversation you are preparing for and the tool will provide useful insight, advice, questions to ask and resources for you and your team to help you be the best you can be – to perform, develop, progress and thrive. 

Basic Skills of A Great Coach

A Coaching Approach

We encourage all managers to take a coaching approach to their conversations. 

Coaching helps an individual grow and develop and avoids over reliance on you. Over the next decade we will see coaching as a skill become embedded in the life of organisations. It is a life skill which enhances your conversations and will set you up for success now and in the long term. 

We encourage you to explore the training resource on the Coaching SharePoint page to develop your coaching skills which will give you a strong foundation to taking a coaching approach in your conversations. There are a series of 7 videos to watch which will equip you with the basic understanding of the key attributes of a great coach that you can begin putting into practice straight away. 

There are also two questions we get asked a lot. What is the difference between managing and coaching; and what is the different between coaching and mentoring. Watch these short videos to find out! 

Below you will also find access to our online portal of resources covering the 4 categories of conversations that most manager conversations fall into – performance; development; career; and wellbeing. Within each section you will find some of the most common conversation topics, things to watch out for, key questions to ask, and a selection of resources to help you or your team member in the specific area.

Want to develop your coaching skills further?