Enhancing manager conversations since 2007

Enhancing Manager Conversations

Our uQ Manager Tool is designed to give you all the input, insight and resources you need to prepare for effective conversations with your team. We have identified 4 types of conversations and the recurring topics that crop up in these areas that managers have to deal with. Alongside our basic skills of a great coach training we equip you with the skills and confidence to have great conversations.

Managers, want to have better conversations?

Do you get nervous about having an important conversation with a team member?
Are you a technical or professional expert new to managing people?
Want to get better at the conversational and people aspects of your role?
Don't want to ask what you think might sound like a stupid question?
Want to find relevant resources quickly and easily?

If any of these ring true, you are not alone! This tool will help you master key conversations and get results every time.

HR, looking to support your managers have better conversations?

Keen to save your business money by avoiding bigger issues down the line?
Want to support great conversations in a just in time and proactive way?
Know your managers are burying their heads in the sand and avoiding conversations?
Find yourself repeating the same advice over and over again?
Want to free up time to use your skills in more effective ways?

Recognise any of this? We do because it is what led us to creating this tool in the first place!

A tool for a time such as this

With a more dispersed workforce, flexible working both in time and location, the ability for managers to have effective conversations with team members is absolutely crucial to creating a happy, healthy and connected workplace.

Preparation, preparation, preparation...

The uQ Manager as Coach tool puts the preparation, resources and questions to kickstart great conversations into your hands just when you need it. By selecting some short statements most relevant to the conversation you need to have, our tool will create an individual guide for you to use to plan and prepare to have a great conversation, and do so with confidence

Easy to use

We have designed the tool to land pinpoint guidance to help you prepare in a very efficient manner. Your personal conversation guide along with our wide selection of helpful resources will help you prepare for your conversation in minutes.

Constantly evolving

There are so many great models and useful resources available that cover the vast array of topics a manager would find useful. We are constantly adding to our banks of things to consider, useful questions and helpful learning resources. Explore what we have to offer today. And yes, it's free because we believe every manager should feel supported to have and confident in having great conversations!

Want to take a coaching approach to your conversations?