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Understanding Personal Development Plans

Personal Development Plans (also know as Individual Development Plans / Employee Development Plans) is a document which outlines the projected development for an employee. It is an agreement between an employee and their line manager of the development focus areas for the year. This is a live document and should be reviewed regularly.

Things to consider

Useful Questions

This is a useful starting point when exploring development plans. Having a goal to work towards then informs the appropriate development

Development plans take commitment and investment from the individual and the organisation It is therefor useful to get upfront commitment to the development

It is crucial that the right development is provided to allow the individual to perform in their current role

Although less pressing, it is important to support future career development to keep individuals engaged and motivated

Offering support to the person is very motivating. The individual is responsible for their own development but you and the organisation can provide the support and resources required to make the investment of time, energy and costs a succes

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