How to... have conversations about motivation

Understanding Motivation

Motivation is the general willingness to do something. It is the things that compel us to take action. It is the weighing up of doing something verses the impact of not doing it. We all have different motivators and it is important to understand these in the workplace.

Things to consider

Useful Questions

The reasons behind something can uncover the motivating factors

Motivation is well and good as it inspires us to want to act; however it doesn’t always easily translate into actions. This questions forces someone to identify an action to help them take a step towards the desired outcome

Consequences are a powerful motivator. Considering the consequences of not doing something can illicit action

It is easy to erect barriers that don’t exist in our minds and this question helps see if this is the case; or if barriers to exist, often it is our attitude to them that demotivates us

It is not enough to identify what the barrier it is. We need something to achieve. This in itself is a motivator

Many of us are motivator by some type of reward for our effort and choices. Identifying what reward the action brings links the action to a reward

Where someone is stuck and lacking motivation it can help to explore and identify what will be the motivating factor

Where someone is struggling to identify what might motivate them to act, ask this question

Videos on Motivation

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