As a proud ginger, who has survived the school year torments and has learnt to celebrate her golden locks, I’m interested to hear how you think you can show your appreciation for the gingers in your life?

Ed Sheeran certainly likes to be appreciated. With a healthy does of #bgtye4 he likes to be in charge – so don’t go overstepping the mark or piling on too much appreciation. And certainly don’t go in for the hug without warning – that hidden #bgtype1 you can see in the piercing, darting eyes tells us he doesn’t like too much unwarranted affection!

So, how do you show appropriate appreciation (and have more chance of avoiding a slap rather than getting a kiss!) for each of our 5 UQ Coaching character types……here are some pointers to help you on your way….

#bgtype1 – make sure you share with them ‘exactly’ the shade of ginger you appreciate. But certainly don’t try to kiss them
#bgtype2 – you’ll have to be the one to instigate the kiss with this one
#bgtype3 – big them up, which famous ginge do they remind you of? Be sure to tell them before going in for the kill
#bgtype4 – a kiss, what about a hug too?
#bgtype5 – don’t linger, a quick peck on the cheek will do!

Show some love for the gingers in your life – respect them and give them what they want, not what you want to give them!