How to... have conversations about opportunity

Understanding Opportunity

Opportunity is a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. There is thinking we can do, conversations we can have and openings we can pursue every day in our careers that can help us be ready for current and future opportunities which enhance our career

Things to consider

Useful Questions

When we are too busy, focussed too narrowly or lack good relationships and connection we are likely to miss seeing where there are potential opportunities to get experience, be involved in a project to add value or role opportunities

If we are not working efficiently, or stick to the same areas of the business we may miss the opportunities

What attitude is hindering you currently. If you changed one thing what difference might that make to what is possible?

They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Building a strong network inside and outside of your organisation is a critical factor in finding opportunities to develop your career. These opportunities are not just new jobs. They include things you can get involved in from your current position

Are you too keen to take risks? Is that affecting how others see you and leave them wondering about how safe a pair of hands you are? Or are you risk adverse and unwilling to step outside your comfort zone?

We become creatures of habits and build networks of people who are like us. Where has this begun to narrow opportunities? How best could you connect and engage with a diverse network of people and opportunities? 

It is easy to get bogged down in the big picture and the future. But every great accomplishment starts with a first step. 

Opportunities are often greater when we give up working in isolation and connect with individuals who have different skills to us, see things different or operate in different circles or areas of the business

Instead of seeing the problem, look at the potential solutions. In itself this creates opportunity. Then it is up to you to choose whether to pursue it or not

Have you been putting something off? Have you been avoiding responsibility? What, by saying yes, to could open up a door?

What is getting in the way of pursuing other oppportunities?

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