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UQ™ is a seven layer model exploring all aspects of being human, supporting technical and professional experts to also be people experts as well as self aware, confident and impactful individuals contributing to the success of your organisation,
humanly and commercially.

Trusted by progressive companies to get results

Support your people to

Be more confident in any situation

Gain clarity about who they are at their core

Have courage to bring their authentic self to work

Have better

Care about themselves, others' and the importance of the human element of work

Be committed to their own and others personal and professional development

What we do

We work on confidence and character to help develop strong leaders in your organisation

We focus on developing awareness and understanding for individuals on who you are at your core so that this can be brought into work and leadership.

We work with emerging and established leaders to





We work with organisations either in resourcing stand alone solutions as well as providing add on solutions to current talent and leadership development programmes.

We don’t deliver leadership skills, we focus on the person and develop their own awareness and understanding of themselves, others and the human aspects of being a successful leader, either of themselves, others or the organisation.
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Areas of Impact

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Helping every employee know who they uniquely are in all elements of your psyche, personality and character and have confidence in it is the cornerstone to a true D&I culture in your organisation.

Help individuals feel confident in who they are

Individuals will enjoy working with you

Be known as an organisation who supports whole person development

Reap the rewards of high functioning and happy individuals and teams


Getting to grips with who we are and not trying to be someone else is the ultimate foundation of wellbeing.

Help employees flourish by being themselves more

Authentic self rather than false self

Increased energy rather than depleted energy

Self-expression rather than depression

Learning and Development (L&D)

Flourishing individuals are the building blocks of a
healthy and sustainable culture of growth. Helping individuals and groups of talent in your organisation be more self aware, responsible and confident is the beating heart of a successful L&D culture.

Help individuals develop personal awareness that leads to practical action

Increase understanding

Increase responsibility and ownership

Improve conversations

Improve relationships

Improve results (both technically and commercially)

Improve reputation (employer and consumer brands)

How UQ™ programmes overcome
organisational challenges

Getting the best out of others

Rather than dealing with
personality clashes

Improved conversations

Rather than misunderstanding

Better performance

From working efficiently to preferences, overcoming fears, having confidence and speaking up

Better wellbeing

As a result of being seen, heard, understood and appreciated for who they are

Better personal and professional development

Due to the whole person being developed and bringing the full self to work

Better career discussions

Through knowing strengths
and weaknesses

Difficult situations dealt with

Rather than burying
head in sand

Our Solutions

Open Programmes

Buy Be More You course

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In House Solutions

Group Coaching – UQ™ Leaders


(instead of £2495)

1-2-1 Coaching – Be More You or UQ™ Leaders

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Hosting your own – Be More You

Buy course access for a group of employees and host your own group development sessions

£295 per person

+ annual corporate licence

£995 per organisation

Extra resources to support internal delivery and facilitation of group coaching sessions

Access to UQ™ Library for the organisation (includes access for employees not doing course)

Bespoke Masterclasses

We can offer 1 hr masterclasses to support you to
Designed in partnership with you

Work with us

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Be More You
UQ™ Leaders
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Free Tools

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