How to... have conversations about performance & progression

Understanding the Performance & Progression link

Performance is the completion of a task with application of knowledge, skills and abilities. In the present we must focus on performing at the best of our abilities as a route towards progressing our careers, taking ownership to do what we can in carving out our future path. Choosing to perform at our best, even without the guarantee of progression should be the personal commitment we make to ourself.

Things to consider

Useful Questions

A performance mindset is focussed on achieving something. Looking at what we have achievement can help focus on what next steps are necessary to progress. It can also help people see their worth

Many things can get in the way of meeting goals. Identifying that not only are we not quite there, but what we could take responsibility for to get there is a positive step forward. This attitude can overcome a sense of failure

This is a helpful question to try and understand where the individual sees a link between current role performance and how that might play a part in future progression opportunities

Marginal gains are powerful small steps that can move you further towards your goals and ensure you are performing at your best. A combination of small steps forward across a number of areas can add up to have synergy effects

Feedback is a very powerful tool which lets us get information that can help us make changes or grow in confidence

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