How to... have conversations about specialising

Understanding Specialising

A specialist is defined as someone who has focussed knowledge and skill relating to a particular job or area of study. Often specialist have developed knowledge that is difficult to come by and develop expertise that is beneficial to an organisation or clients. Often these individual are seen as thought leaders.

Things to consider

Useful Questions

A good question for someone who has identified they would prefer to explore the expert career route rather than a generalist or management route

Looking at current skills can help identify potential areas of specialism

Do work you enjoy. Start at what you enjoy doing and look at how you could develop a career in that

Reflecting on this can help see what has helped to develop the specialism that can then be applied to future skill and knowledge development. The process of developing the skill or knowledge is important to learn from

It can be easy to rely on skills and knowledge from years ago and not notice where the world has moved on. This is where CPD is really important

Perhaps the skill is an important one but it could be used in new areas

Asking this questions assumes there will be an upcoming change. The world is continually changing and adapting and becoming more sophisticated. Our skills and knowledge need to keep up, or at least adapt

Sharing knowledge, skills and experience is a rewarding thing to do and can benefit others

Videos on Professional / Specialist Development

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