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World class leadership development offering insight and igniting the spark of you that is central to your career and leadership success. Our signature course and group coaching programmes offer powerful insight, develop confidence and create impact.

Our signature course is the most accessible and affordable way
to learn and apply the UQ™ Model for personal and professional development

Our signature course helps you to develop confidence, build strong relationships, make an impact, and grow to Be More You.

This 7 module course forms the building blocks of success for you in all areas of your life.

Diversity & Inclusion

Gain confidence to be uniquely you


Flourish from the freedom of knowing who you are and sharing that with others

Learning & Development

Grow in knowledge and understanding for individual and collective benefit

9 month transformational personal leadership journey

With full access to the UQ™ Model and Leadership S.T.O.R.Y modules this journey will give you the confidence to be a great leader.

We know that many of the best leaders don’t start out with oodles of confidence but go on a journey to get there.

Our UQ™ Leaders programme speeds up that process to enable you to know who you are, lead from that place and be someone others want to follow.

This transformational programme will provide you with thought provoking content, space and time to reflect, as well as group coaching with a cohort of like minded peers.
Inspiring Content

Split into 11 modules offering bitesize nuggets of content and reflective exercises on the best leadership and human potential psychology delivered as a developmental experience, not just taught.

A Peer Network

Form deep relationships with your peers through your shared experience. Loneliness is a common leadership issue. We help you develop a support network of like minded individuals.

Multi Layered Learning

On top of the easy to access and insight packed module videos that get you thinking and reflecting for yourself, you will learn as a cohort of 12 from each other. Programme includes 18 hours of group coaching sessions over 9 months.

Supportive Tools

Access to the UQ™ library of resources and helpful course journals to go back to and deepen your learning where and when you choose.

Add individual coaching to your experience

Like the sound of what UQ™ Leaders will do for you? Want a little extra support on the journey?
Our individual coaching add on provides three personalised coaching sessions per person at regular intervals throughout the programme to deepen your development experience.

Coaching Support

3 individual coaching
sessions from UQ™ creator and executive leadership coach,
Louise Thom

Extra Insight

Dig deeper into your
learning to enhance your impact over the long term

Powerful Action

Get personalised support to create key actions to move forward and grow

This journey starts with you

At UQ™ we help you grow to be someone others want to follow.

We help you explore who you are and lead from that place rather than thinking you have to be a certain type of person to be a successful leader.

The best leaders know who they are and have a deep rooted confidence that stems from awareness and understanding of who they are and the capabilities they have.
We take you on this journey.

Along the way you will…

The story starts with you, but it doesn’t end there

As a leader you are part of a bigger story.

Our Leadership S.T.O.R.Y model builds on the confidence you gain through exploring the 7 layers of UQ™ and will help you handle the other important elements of leadership

1. Getting the best from others
2. Building strong relationships
3. Understanding the world you are leading in
4. Being able to deal with any situation
with courage, clarity and conviction.

The UQ journey produces

Be the person others want to follow!

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