How to... have conversations about performing on projects

Understanding Project Performance

Good project management and project performance is important for organisations. When proper expectations are set around what can be delivered, by when and for how much with clear outcomes everyone can work together towards the goal. Effective project management ensures deadlines and tasks are achievable, milestones are met, stakeholders are engaged and teams deliver. 

Things to consider

Useful Questions

In order for a project to start on the right track, or get back on track, the key deliverables along with the purpose of the project need to remain front and centre

This questions helps highlight any areas that are falling short that need to be addressed

This may differ for each stage of a project and therefor is helpful to ask this question to help focus the person or team

If there is a hurdle to overcome, it is sensible to explore if there is anyone else who could help or other work / resources that could save us reinventing the wheel

With the best intentions something will always crop up and get in the way. Helping someone explore this at the outset can overcome unforseen issues further down the line

This question can act as a check for personal responsibility or help explore where the true responsibility should lie

When we look practically at what we can do, we are more able to action. Action leads to success rather than failure from burying our head in the sand

We may take our skills for granted. Highlighting these and how they play a part can make for increased ownership on the project. It can also be useful to think about where the gaps lie and how these can be filled

Within a project you will be unlikely to do all the work yourself. A key skill will be influencing others to make decisions or take on elements of work. Asking this question can help someone see where they can influence rather than just do

It can be easy to get carried away. Looking at the potential disadvantages of something can help you see it form another perspective and help you get to a good conclusion

If we ask this question we can ensure there is alignment between parties on what success looks like and therefor what we are working towards. It is also an opportunity to review whether the criteria of success is realistic and achievable

When we get dee into something it can be difficult to see the woods from the trees. We can be blind to the most obvious solution

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