How to... have conversations about performing in teams

Understanding Teams

A well functioning team will foster strong relationships and create synergy not possible alone. Organisations need teams to deliver work using a variety of skills. A good team will have trust, work hard, be cooperative and supportive. If one person it can negatively affect the whole team. 

Things to consider

Useful Questions

It can be useful to notice what others are doing and apply it to your situation. What do you notice about high performing sorts teams? What is a success team in your organisation doing differently?

A healthy team will share and learn together

Build trust with individuals in your team and encourage every team member to build trust in their relationships across the team

Ask you team for their input. They will likely have more ideas than you about how to make it even better

Ask yourself and your team!

If you get the sense the team is working as well as it could, seek to find out what is causing the underperformance

Where there is a gap, ask the team if they have the experience. People aren’t always forthcoming about things that could be useful util they are asked. And if you don’t ask, you won’t know. If someone in the team is struggling, have them ask this question so they can connect with the person who can help them

Magic happens when we choose to face the reality of a situation and find a way forward together

This is a great question to ask where someone in the team is not performing as planned. It is a positive way to engage a conversation about what else can still be done to improve the situation

In a team, there can be many factors at play. Asking yourself and others in your team what might be at the root of this issue can often provide surprising insights

If we get stuck in a rut, looking at the opposite can help us find alternative ways forward

In a team many things can be at play. We tend to carve up scenarios and situations into either or issues. In a team setting there is plenty of place for the ‘and’ 

Teams have great capacity to fulfil requirements within them. However as a manager this question can help others feel supported. It can also be used to encourage team members to ask this question to their teammates or to you too

Videos on Team Performance

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