Explore and grow
your leadership

Add an extra layer of support to your uQ Leaders experience

An indivualised experience that will enhance and expand your leadership impact as well as provide you with an extra level of challenge and encouragement to deepen your development experience.

About the Experience

This is more than a course or a programme, it is a personal learning journey designed to...

...not because of your role but because of who you are.

We’ll help you get intelligent about yourself (your uQ) and show you how 'Being More You' is the most powerful step you can take in developing your effectiveness as a great leader.

What can I expect from the course?

• Confidence in my capability of being a great leader

• Comfortable being me (and not feeling like I have to be someone else or’ conform to one particular style of leadership)

• Insights that help me make an impact in the important stuff

• Realisation I have all it takes to be a great leader and I can learn skills to help me along the way

• Success as much with people as I’ve enjoyed from my technical and professional expertise

• Be unphased by trying people, frustrating behaviours, tricky situations and difficult conversations

• Energy to lead authentically and reduced stress, frustration or overwhelm from thinking I have to lead a certain way

• Clarity of my purpose as a leader and how I can contribute to success for myself and others

Working with great clients since 2007

The Journey

The uQ Leaders journey is split into 2 main parts

Part 1

We will meet as a group of 12 for 7 group coaching sessions to learn from each others and share our reflections and realisations from each of the 'Be More You' modules that you will complete before each group coaching session

By the end of these immersive experiences you will be able to

Part 2

Developing your self-awareness and leadership confidence is our main goal. However, as a leader you are also part of a bigger story that it’s important to understand.

Following on from the 7 'Be More You' modules we will come back together for 2 further group coaching sessions to explore the Leadership S.T.O.R.Y modules and how you can apply what you have learnt about you to also help understand others, relationships, the world in which we lead and how to handle whatever situations you find yourselves in.

Explore the 5 Parts of The Leadership S.T.O.R.Y below

What's included?

What will I learn?

You will learn that being a leader is about who you are.

This developmental experience will equip you with the confidence to be a great leader.

This is a learning journey about being a leader. If you are looking for a course that will teach you what you need to do to lead this isn’t the course for you. Our expertise and experience lies in encouraging and equipping you to know who you are and gain leadership success as a result of what you know and who you are, not just because of what you do.

By the end of this
experience you will be able

Our framework

for success

Multi layered learning

Mix of insightful nuggets from latest human potential and leadership theory, models, research and ancient wisdom from down to earth coaches

Reflective exercises to help you grow and transform in a sustainable way. Not taught but learnt and realised for yourself. 

Learn from each other through shared dialogue (this is the most powerful part of this experience)

Individual Retreat & Reflection


Journals full of useful
questions to guide you in your
growth provided for each module

Book space in your diary
for you

Encouraged to find time each month to take some time and space to think, relax or reflect. It’s a really important thing for leaders to do!

Expand your

Delve deeper if you wish with access to further materials on each topic through the uQ library

Peer Groups

Peer learning in small cohort of 12

Assigned into supportive peer coaching trios for those that wish

Share common challenges and realise no matter your differences how similar you are

Build supportive relationships that last beyond the duration of the programme

Reduce the loneliness of leadership

Instant application

Start noticing new things as you go and applying your learning straight away

Complex concepts made simple so you can apply them straight away

Handy tools to dip into again and again

What you learn about yourself also applies to others, working on yourself helps you understand and get the best from others too

No leadership programme can provide for every eventuality, but what we teach gives you the knowledge and understanding you need to deal with any situation

Capable of great impact, in your personal life as well as your professional one!

Course Content

Starting at the very beginning you will explore what makes you unique. You will explore how your commitments, background, patterns and energy paint a picture of what makes you you.

Next up you will dive right into something rarely talked about in organisations – your fears! Explore the route of some of some of your behaviours and turn it into good.

Exploring not just your personality preferences you will go deeper into understanding where a variety of preferences lie so you can harness this power to work effectively and efficiently, as well as know where and when to adapt.

In this module you will explore how your thoughts and feelings impact your choices and actions. You will explore how these work together and how you can take control of your thoughts and feelings towards better outcomes.

Unpack some of the less conscious parts of yourself that often run the show without you realising. Once unpacked they won’t be able harness the same negative impact over you and you will be free to be congruent and someone others want to follow.

Explore not only your beliefs and values, but also understand the value you bring so you can lead believing in who you are.

Finally you will identify what drives you and what gets in the way of communicating impactfully. You will learn how to get your message across and align your leadership to meaningful and purposeful work

As a leader its crucial you understand the world in which you are leading. We will explore intrinsic patterns of natural and learn from them to apply in organsaitional settings, we will equip you to deal with the chaos and complexity of the modern world as well as get a deeper understanding of your own organisation so when it comes to change you will be able to implement and drive lasting and sustainable results.

As a leader it is impossible to be trained for every possible eventuality or situation you may find yourself in. You will explore in this module some of the situations you and your colleagues may come across but you will also learn just how much everything you have learnt and realised to date will has equipped you to handle any situation you may face as a leader, and to do so with confidence!

You’ve spent time learning about yourself but what you may not have realised is that what you learnt about yourself and the 7 uQ layers you can apply to others to help you get the best from them. You will explore where and how you can adapt to different people as well as explore how perceptions differ and how we can use this to avoid and overcome conflict.

A key part of leadership, if not the key part of human leadership, is to built strong and lasting relationships. You will learn about some of the traps we often fall into and how to avoid them as well as how your own grounded C.O.R.E confidence plays an essential part in the strength of key relationships.

Month by Month

Month 1

Complete ‘Who am I at my CORE’ module videos and reflections and attend group coaching session

Month 2

Complete ‘Face my Fears’ module videos and reflections and attend group coaching session. 

Month 3

Complete ‘Pander to my Preferences’ module videos and reflections and attend group coaching session + 121

Month 4

Complete ‘Know the FACTs’ module videos and reflections and attend group coaching session

Month 5

Complete ‘Give Good Vibes’ module videos and reflections and attend group coaching session

Month 6

Complete ‘Be Brave’ module videos and reflections and attend group coaching session + 121

Month 7

Complete ‘Speak Volumes’ module videos and reflections and attend group coaching session

Month 8

Complete ‘Handling any Situation’ and ‘Understanding the World I lead in’ module videos and reflections and attend group coaching session

Month 9

Complete ‘Understanding Others’ and ‘Understanding Relationships’ module videos and reflections and attend group coaching session + 121

Who Am I at my C.O.R.E?

What’s the correct route for you?

uQ Leaders
uQ Leaders Retreat
Full access to ‘Be More You’ online course content
Further access to 4 online Leadership S.T.O.R.Y modules
9 x 2hr Group Coaching Sessions
3 x 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions
uQ and S.T.O.R.Y Course Manuals
Reflective Journals for each topic
Copy of ‘The uQ Leaders Handbook’
Lifetime access to the uQ Library
Mobile access to our Confident Conversation Tools
1x uQ 360 Credit (Coming soon)
September 2023


Watch and Learn



Who are you at your C.O.R.E?

Explore this in our free bitesize course. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself in no more than an hour. An investment in yourself that we know is powerful and important. It’s why we have created the content for free!



Understand the world you lead in

A few free uQ nuggets to transform your thinking and your working day from our S.T.O.R.Y model which forms part of the extra teaching included in the uQ Leaders programmes.

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